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Thank you for coming to this web page. If you are looking for a dental clinic in Osaka, we are here to help you. We offer a safe and understanding environment to meet the needs of patients of all ages.

State-of-the-art equipment, high-precision digital technology, and the best of modern dentistry have made it possible for us to create a completely new, unprecedented, pain-free, safe, and comfortable experience for our patients. The health and smiles of our patients are the highest value in our profession. We strive to make our foreign patients feel at ease when they come to us for treatment.

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13F Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South, 1-13-1 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka 530-0001

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△:10:00-14:00※Monday &Japanese National Holiday: Closed


Clinic Services

SMILEPLAN Dental Clinic offers a full range of services and an integrated approach to solving any problem, ensuring dental and oral health for the whole family.


Please note that even if you use overseas travel insurance, you must first pay the full amount at our office.(We can assist you in providing the necessary information for the insurance application process.)

Self-pay fee

No Japanese
health insurance card

The cost of treatment is a general indication.
Please ask for details directly at the time of your visit.

All major credit card accepted.

First consultation fee 3,300yen
X‐ray examination fee 4,400yen
Cleaning 11,000yen
Airflow 5,500yen
Metal Inlay 22,000yen
Metal Crown 33,000yen
Resin Facing Crown 38,500yen
CAD/CAM Crown 38,500yen
Denture 330,000-440,000yen
Root canal treatment 55,000-88,000yen
Plastic Filling 5,500yen
Tooth Whitening 38,500yen
Extraction 33,000yen
Extraction wisdom tooth 55,000yen
Ceramic Inlay 55,000-77,000yen
Ceramic crown 143,000yen
Dental Implant 462,000-517,000yen
Orthodontic Treatment 440,000-935,000yen


You have
a Japanese health insurance card

The cost of treatment is a general indication.
Please ask for details directly at the time of your visit.

All major credit card accepted.

First consultation fee Coming soon
X‐ray examination fee Coming soon
Cleaning 3,000yen
Airflow not covered by health insurance
Metal Inlay 3,000-4,000yen
Metal Crown 4,500-6,000yen
Resin Facing Crown 6,500-7,500yen
CAD/CAM Crown 4,500-6,000yen
Denture 10,000-15,000yen
Root canal treatment 3,000-6,000yen
Plastic Filling more than 1,500yen
Tooth Whitening not covered by health insurance
Extraction 3,000yen
Extraction wisdom tooth 5,000-10,000yen
Ceramic Inlay not covered by health insurance
Ceramic crown
Dental Implant
Orthodontic Treatment

*All prices are tax included.
*All prices vary slightly depending on the tooth.
*Crefit cards are accepted.

Our Team

SMILE PLAN Dental Clinic OSAKA 理事長 山本 恒一 SMILE PLAN Dental Clinic OSAKA 理事長 山本 恒一

CEO and Director
of the SMILEPLAN Group
Dr.Koichi Yamamoto

My policy
Focus on quality

Our concept is " High quality dental clinic in all aspects".

We are constantly striving to be a dental clinic that can provide high quality hospitality, medical services, and the highest level of treatment skills to our patients.

We hope to be your clinic that can deliver "health and beauty" to our patients with implant treatment to regain the function of lost teeth and esthetic dentistry to restore the brilliance of beautiful natural teeth.

SMILE PLAN Dental Clinic OSAKA 院長 景山 祐杜 SMILE PLAN Dental Clinic OSAKA 院長 景山 祐杜

Head of
the SMILEPLAN dental clinic OSAKA
Dr.Yuto Kageyama

My policy
Everything for the patient

Thank you for visiting our website. I am Dr. Yuto Kageyama, the director of Smile Plan Dental Clinic OSAKA.

Patients who visit our dental clinic suffer from a wide range of oral problems, including pain, discomfort, and esthetic disorders.
We provide up-to-date medical equipment, advanced treatment procedures, and friendly, patient-oriented services to help you with your oral health concerns.

If you have any concerns about your oral health, please feel free to visit our clinic.
We look forward to seeing you at our clinic.



Our goal is always to make our patients happy.
We will provide the best treatment for each patient.

Beautiful and healthy teeth
make your beautiful smile and happy life more brilliant.

Action Flow

  1. DAY01

    Contact US

    You can choose the most comfortable way:

    • Use “Book online” (Accurate and fastest, but in Japanese.)
    • Complete the application form on our website. (It is located at the bottom of this page. You can fill in the form in English.)
    • Call us. (Supported only in Japanese.)
    • Write a message by Email.(Only Japanese or English is accepted. It may take more than 2 business days to reply.)
  2. DAY02

    Visit & Consult

    You visit our clinic and you can describe your problem and tell about the symptoms that bother you. Please fill out the medical questionnaire in advance to make the process easier.Urgent procedures are available on the same day.

  3. DAY03-1

    Agree on
    a treatment plan

    Doctors offer available options, discuss with you a preliminary treatment plan, calculate the estimated cost.

  4. DAY03-2

    Treatment Begins

    Treatment will be conducted in the order of highest priority, starting with your most demanding requests.


You can choose between two ways to book online.
The first is online reservation. It is accurate and fast.
Second, you can make a reservation by filling out the form.